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Cali Blossom Ideas

I decided to expand on the cali blossom design that I had found. Here is an example of original design that I have done: link.

Here is the original design that I use.
rps20151019_141757Here is the designs I created and I tried out a petal for each. I thought they all looked like they could be good.



I have been away for more than a week because my mom broke her left arm/shoulder. She had to get surgery, so I have been busy helping her. I have had to also make sure my dad was taking his pills and I would drive us to the hospital when she was still there. My mom is doing pretty good, but there is still a ways to go before she is fully healed. I am going to try to get back to posting everyday if I can. Hope everyone has a lovely day!

To Post Edits

I started out editing celebrity photos a few years ago. I started with that because the photos usually ended up being really good quality, so it was easy to do different edits. I have been doing more edits with my photos more recently and I have found it to be a lot of fun. I am not going to post at this time any of the celebrity edits because I do not know for sure if there is copy right issues. I am going to start posting the edits I do on my photos because I do not have to worry about copy right issues. I hope people enjoy the images.

Red Velvet Recipe

I used an easy recipe for these cookies. I did not mix the cornstarch with the powder sugar and I don’t feel like the cookies missed out. Link for the recipe. Here is the prep & finished cookies.

Salmon for Dinner


I used a green tea with aloe drink that I wasn’t a big fan of because it wasn’t sweet at all.


I then poured some teriyaki sauce over each piece.


I like to mice up all the dry ingredients and the use a spoon to shake it onto the salmon.


Covered the pieces with the dry ingredients.


Added a bit of Angry Orchard Green Apple onto of each piece.


Put the fish in the oven on 410° (425° if your oven doesn’t cook hot like mine) for around 25mins. I always test a few little pieces to make sure it is done.

Lafayette Peach Festival – Lafayette, CO

My sister will be taking part in this festival tomorrow. She will be selling the jewelry she has made and the items I made. The festival is listed to go from 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. Hopefully she will see some of you there. Link for more information on festival.

Calzone Recipe

I looked at a couple different recipes, but this is the main one I used. I put in what I wanted in the calzone, but the other steps still helped.

Chicken Pasta Prep


This is a pretty easy meal to make. The first thing to do is cut up chicken breast. The best way is to just cut each chicken breast into about four pieces. If a large chicken breast then cut a few more pieces. I use vodka sauce, but it can be done with any tomato based sauce too. Pour the sauce into the pan and add any extra seasoning you might like. I usually add italian seasoning, basil,  parsley, and some red wine. I out of parsley and didn’t have a red wine open, but it works fine without. Added the chicken in the pan and I recommend covering the sauce over each piece to make sure none dries out. I cook it between medium and low, but it could be a little different on each stove. Put a top over the pan and it will cook from 10-20 mins. Want to cook the pasta in a different pan, so they will be done around same time. When the chicken is basically done put either mozzarella or provolone over each piece of chicken. Cover for 1-2 mins until melted. Dish out the meal.

Last Night at Outback


Why do some places add lemon to their water without asking.


Had some lovely bread with butter.


The saleds at Outback are really good.


It was so good that I ate it all.


Got the prime rib with the garlic mash patatos as my other side.


The steak I took home looked like a boot.


Took all the juice I needed and left the rest behind.

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