My Art

Rubber Band Colorado Flag

I made the Colorado flag in rubber bands, since my sister lives there and she thought that they might sell at festivals. Here is my attempt at it.edited_1445889694594 rps20151027_113056

Parabolic Curve Sketches

I got a new ruler, so I have been making some parabolic curve sketches. I liked how they all turned out.

Rubber Band Flowers

I made three new rubber band flowers. The first photo has the three new ones. The other two photos has all six that I have made.


Tree Branch


This was one of the first edits I did on a picture I took my self. I twisted the branch some and then added a rainbow filter.

New T-Shirt Bracelet


Laid out


Tied up


Up close

T-Shirt Bracelet First Attempt


This was my first attempt at making a bracelet from t-shirts. I think it came out okay.

Lafayette Peach Festival – Lafayette, CO

My sister will be taking part in this festival tomorrow. She will be selling the jewelry she has made and the items I made. The festival is listed to go from 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. Hopefully she will see some of you there. Link for more information on festival.



I made the one without beads a while ago and decided I would try one with beads.

Rubber Band


These are all of the items I am sending to my sister to sell in the festival she is going to be in.

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