This is a pretty easy meal to make. The first thing to do is cut up chicken breast. The best way is to just cut each chicken breast into about four pieces. If a large chicken breast then cut a few more pieces. I use vodka sauce, but it can be done with any tomato based sauce too. Pour the sauce into the pan and add any extra seasoning you might like. I usually add italian seasoning, basil,  parsley, and some red wine. I out of parsley and didn’t have a red wine open, but it works fine without. Added the chicken in the pan and I recommend covering the sauce over each piece to make sure none dries out. I cook it between medium and low, but it could be a little different on each stove. Put a top over the pan and it will cook from 10-20 mins. Want to cook the pasta in a different pan, so they will be done around same time. When the chicken is basically done put either mozzarella or provolone over each piece of chicken. Cover for 1-2 mins until melted. Dish out the meal.