July 2015



My coffee maker hasn’t been working right lately, so I am descaling it. For those that don’t know descaling is putingwhite vinegar through the coffee maker to clean it out.




My cat last night playing intge bag that dinner came in.



Made these to send to my sister for a festival that she is going to sell jewelry at. They will be keychains.

Internet Problems

Had internet outages in my area for two days. Then the modem wasn’t working right after it did get fixed. Thankfully it is now repaired. I felt detatched from the world because I don’t rely on media from the tv. My data on my phone was close, so I was only able to turn it on for short moments.



Strawberry & Banana Smoothies


Made some strawberry and banana smoothies. Wish I had some whip cream to got on top.


Ready to eat
Ready to eat
All finished
All finished



Made pancakes this morning for breakfast.

Cold Pasta

I decided to make some cold pasta. My favorite kind I have made comes from the boxes that can be bought from the store. It comes with a bag of pasta and a package of seasoning. The box I use calmed with a different recipe, so I am including a shot of the one I use. The most important ingredient used is the ranch dressing, so make sure that you have some. I usually just use what I have when making it. Big tomatoes cute up in pieces usually works fine. Spinach is great, but not a big deal if not added. I just did a big tomato cut into small pieces and shredded carrots. It looks great, but have to wait until it gets cold to see how good it is. Hope everyone enjoys!

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